Exclusive Activities & Excursions
These are all activities/excursions attracting an extra charge(s) to guests but can as well be pre-booked when doing a reservation. Our cluster of activities are sure to delight both generations, full of natural wonders, expirience,and exciting. We provide a laid back resort atmosphere that has been a favorite of guests who visit our resort year in and year out. They include:

A touch of Magic from our massage ladies always gives such a relaxing experience after a long game drive in the parks. From the massage menu, you can even get a couple massage with a very romantic set up and bottle of wine.

Relax, Revitalize and Enhance your well -being. Each specialized treatment is designed to pamper your sense and redefine your inner balance and outer beauty. The serene minimalism of the ambiance, The intoxicating aromas, Skillful touch of our Well-trained and caring therapists will erase any sense of stress, rejuvenate your body and senses making every visit truly memorable.

Hiking/Nature Walk to Endoro Elephant Caves

This is a very exciting excursion. It’s a walk with a professional guide/ranger and there is a lot to learn and spot different animals like baboons, gazelle and birds as you walk to the caves famously known as Elephant Caves.

It’s where they drink water and coming across the largest land mammal as you walk is also quite a thrilling experience.

Cultural Tribe Tour:

A tour to learn cultural practices of Iraqw, Hadzabe or Datoga Tribes You can experience the live hunting experience with Hadzabe tribe or witness blacksmith skills of Datoga tribe or learn very interesting cultural practices of Iraqw traditions.

Their way of life has been a magnet for researchers for 60 years, and the subject of hundreds of scholarly papers, because it may offer the closest analog to the way our African ancestors lived.

Bush Lunch / Breakfast:

A deluxe hot bush breakfast/lunch can be enjoyed on the crater floor with a nature themed table set up – our butlers will be at your service all time. Our Bush Breakfast is served just before the morning activity and offers a selection of cake, tea, coffee and fresh fruit juices, we arrange the most amazing set bush lunches (weather permitting) at carefully selected areas, offering guests the most spectacular view.

Breakfast and lunch are presented in plated style and feature a wide range of international cuisine. In typical safari style, we offer a ‘full English Breakfast' as well as European options while our lunch menus will typically include meat, poultry, fish and vegetarian options. Other dietary preferences can be accommodated with prior notice .

The bush breakfast/lunch/ is a must for those seeking a more personal experience with nature. Let the wilderness be your dining room and let our chefs delight you with mouth-watering surprises.

Exclusive Activities & Excursions