Inclusive Activities & Excursion

Acacia Farm Lodge offers an excellent range of bespoke activities crafted to suit everybody, from international to local tourist, from honeymooners to families as well as single travelers and corporate visitors on a retreat. These are all activities guests can engage in without any extra charges.

Farm Tour / Nature Walk

We follow a unique style of ‘infotainment’ (a combination of information and entertainment) to ensure that you enjoy the tour and don’t get bored, this walking tour will be a unique, fun and memorable experience for you. Explore and experience some of the most important places of this beautiful area that are not to be missed. Seeing these places will truly enrich your experience of visiting the Acacia Farm Lodge, and if you are an observer, these mesmerizing places will definitely charm you and hold your interest throughout the tour.

Our friendly guide will meet and accompany you on this interesting A 35-40 minutes walk with our professional Naturalist visiting the coffee farm and vegetable garden while spotting vast species of birds, trees and shrubs along the way. The experience is always loved by guests because it’s fun and educational.

The tour can be completed with The tour can be completed with a glass of fresh juice served in an Iraqw traditional house within the Lodge which was preserved since the construction of the Lodge.


Tanzania’s diversity allows us to offer you an incredible range of biking terrain, accompanied by jaw dropping scenery. You can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the lodge while cycling around. It is also a complimentary activity during your stay.

The Lodge has long pathways spreading through the 25 acreas area. We have Bicycles and guest can enjoy touring the Lodge while cycling No matter what your experience and fitness level there is a cycling activity to suit you


For the Bird Lovers, there is a lot to spot. Acacia Farm Lodge is a home to so many species of birds, the iconic ones being love birds.

Tanzania is a great ornithological destination The national checklist of 1114 confirmed species as of August 2019. Of them, 30 are endemic, 44 are vagrancy, and four have been introduced by humans, representing more than 10% of the global avifauna.

Access to Mini-GYM

For this who love to hit the gym, we have a small one specifically suiting travelers. We know you are on Vacation! Enjoy use of the treadmill, weights and various machines, so you won’t miss your workout while you’re away.

Today’s healthy-minded travelers demand a fitness experience, and we at Acacia Farm Lodge are delivering.